Freedom from Self-Consciousness

Freedom from Self-Consciousness is a theatre-based workshop where we will explore the world of the theatre in an open, safe and playful environment.

This series is offered through Hart House’s Creativity Classes. Classes are open to the general public, but there is a discount for University of Toronto Students and Hart House members.

Please note, this course is normally taught by Kevin McCormick, however he is unable to teach it for this round.

Workshop Description

This workshop is designed to free up and liberate the human spirit, deepen one’s experience of their imagination and build confidence. The frame for this exploration will be found in the techniques and concepts from the world of the theatre including comedy, improv, story-telling, acting techniques, voice liberation and movement.

As an Expressive Arts facilitator, I will be working in a low-skill high-sensitivity model of artistic development where we focus on process rather than product and make time to respond to each other’s work in a way that is supportive and sensitive.

No previous experience is required.

More information and registration — Free Up: Expressing Your Creative Imagination.

Dates & Times

Wednesdays, October 11 – November 29, 2017

Class Time: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Cost: $210
Students & Hart House Members: $140